Dear Adam,

 This e-mail is long past due! !

You have bred two of the most fantastic dogs in the world. And, you have in both cases, provided an amazing backdrop of support for us through out the process of deciding on the dog, preparing for the dog, then bringing the dog into our family and beyond.

The first dog we adopted from you is a gentle giant at 95 lb. "Blue Ribbon" has been through much training in the past three years, earning recognition from Therapy dogs International and the American Kennel Club. He has passed many 'interviews' with school board members, principals, parents, teachers even insurance agents, to have been approved for working in the schools. I am proud to work with him. This guy really earns his keep and is worth his weight in gold for the good he has done, working with autistic children in the public schools and clinics.

 Libby, our most recent treasure, we bought to be Blue Ribbons' dog and what a match! These two are a riot of fun together! 

Happy surprise, Blue Ribbon is essentially training Libby all of his good tricks. I whistle for Blue Ribbon, he comes, and directly behind him is his shadow Libby. Now Libby comes to the whistle independently :). The same can be said for other behaviors like 'sit', 'stay', 'lay down', 'speak'. I may not have to take Libby to puppy classes at all!

 As it turned out, getting Libby was not only a wonderful idea for Blue Ribbon, but everyone in the family has been energised and renewed by having Libby come into our home. She is a sunbeam of light, always ready to play ball, kiss or cuddle. It is as though the family is complete now with Libby.

 I have always had a dog. I love dogs, but I would never have had two dogs had I not discovered this breed.

I would never have thought to take a dog to work or take a dog on vacation or keep them so intimately in the home, were it not for this particular breed. The difference in their temperament, intelligence and cleanliness (I hate dog fur on everything) changes everything. Other people notice that my dogs are different too. People actually ask me to remember to bring Blue Ribbon when we are invited to parties! (Libby is too little for parties yet).

 I could go on, and frequently do, when people ask me, "What kind of dog is that!" whenever we're in public, but this e-mail has already gotten very long.

God bless you and your family.

God bless the new puppies and their new families whoever they may be.

Thank you for everything you do.

You are terrific!


Love from our pack to yours,

Wendy, Mark, Gabriel, Blue Ribbon and Libby

Wendy Koen-Burnett

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