The first 12 months with your puppy
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So you've got your puppy home and it's been about playing and peeing and pooing.  But now you've got questions.  This page will give the answers, in brief, to the main things that you will for sure run into at some point inthe first 6-12 months.

1) Don't bathe your Labradoodle. They don't have a dog smell
   and their coat is very sensitive, especially the adult coat.  If you
   feel your doodle is dirty, and they wont be since they have a
   self cleaning coat, please comb them, don't bathe.  Rub a little
   baby powder into the coat and then comb them out with the
   combs I recommend.

* Long tooth undercoat rake.
* Dematting comb
  "Safari" or "Four Paws" are the only brands that I use.
   For the best education about grooming your Labradoodle 
   please view my Grooming Video
   Viewing the video in the link above is THE SMARTEST thing
   you'll ever do with your Doodle.

2) When a puppy goes off their food it means they may just be
     too well fed, or they have worms. Yes all dogs at some point
    get worms, just like humans.  Puppies are suseptable to
    parasites since their immune system hasn't reached full
    strength.  Worm every month or two until 12 months old.

3) Extra stinky loose poo with what appears to be jelly in it (Yuck)
     I know, means an intestinal  bacteria called Coccidia.  Very
     common and must be treated to fix.

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